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People In Crisis United
12555 Biscayne Boulevard #904
Suite 904
North Miami, FL 33181-2597

Phone: 786-252-3466


Mission Statement
People in Crisis United shall engage in philanthropic efforts benefitting the children of Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The intent and mission of People in Crisis United is to positively affect the quality of life to all patients and families touched by People In Crisis United (PICU); to provide necessary support services for hospitalized children and their families; to initiate and sustain projects geared towards helping people in crisis; to establish supportive relationships throughout the community which will keep the People In Crisis United (PICU) program productive and viable for years to come. PICU shall engage in fundraising efforts for its philanthropic ventures and shall also solicit financial support from sources willing to donate monetary value for the purchase of goods, clothing, toiletries, food, toys, supplies, housing, "make a wish" type activities, music therapy, arts and crafts, support groups, field trips, special events, funds for medical care and treatment, "manpower" or physical assistance, and all other requirements necessary to make the quality of life better for children and their families, while the children are hospitalized and beyond. Additionally, the main and functional purpose of PICU shall be: To nurture and nourish patients and their families by providing resources for social, palliative, emotional and holistic needs as well as to raise awareness of these needs in the community.


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