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Francesca Belluomini is a writer, style consultant and soon-to-be-published author. Originally from Tuscany, Italy, she has been living in Miami long enough to know not to blink when peacocks cross the street. With a degree in Fashion Sociology and a Master in Mass Media and Communication from the University of Florence, Francesca has dedicated her career to fashion, forming the foundations of her unpretentious taste. Her professional and personal choices led her to live in fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and London, and sealed her unmistakable knack for mixing sartorial garments, local market finds and vintage. She has been capturing the essence of her singular style and creating the tools for every woman to achieve the same, by adopting the Italian way. This is how her book ‘The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style. How to Dress Italian in 10 Struts’ was born. CBS Local Miami, the Examiner and Italian e-zine are some of the latest outlets that have been enjoying her quick-witted and unapologetic eloquence. Until publication, you can find her on and on Instagram @chicfbdotcom.

Francesca Belluomini's Content:

Style Encounter: Meet Angie Ferrer Domenecq

Whether you find Angie in her store in Ironside, walking at the beach with her children or at one of the fabulous events she attends regularly, there’s something in her style that transcends wherever she is. She has stance and a smile that doesn’t lie - one of those women who wears her heart up her sleeve with a t-shirt and a Fendi piece.
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Style Encounter: Meet Angeles Almuna Weil

You can't miss Angeles when she's in town: she is cool, chic, an artist by education and by trade, a passionate dancer, a strenuous cancer fighter, a photographer, stylist, designer. You can't define her, but you want to be around her. With her it's always a "style encounter." She has a unique style - a combination of curiosity, eye for the detail and deep appreciation for craftsmanship - all of it infused with a perennial positive attitude.
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Style Encounter: Meet Jessica Wade Pfeffer

Francesca Belluomini introduces Miami native Jessica Wade Pfeffer, a publicist and founder of Jessica Wade Inc. A South Floridian through and through, Jessica exudes Miami Style.
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Style Encounter: Meet Daniel Novela

Meet Daniel Novela, Corporate Lawyer, Menswear Designer, Art and Watch Enthusiast. He suits that other side of the Miami style, the non-stereotyped one we all know and are mad about: relaxed elegance (pun intended). Wearing a blazer that takes you with nonchalance and ease from day to night is indeed very Miami, in a chic tropical way.
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