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Honey Shine Gives Thanks for 10 Great Years
10th Annual “Hats Off” Luncheon

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Robin Duncan, Tracy Wilson Mourning and Veronica Rice
Robin Duncan, Tracy Wilson Mourning and Veronica Rice

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Happiness, love, and good fortune, was at the heart of the 10th Annual “Hats Off” Luncheon held at Jungle Island to benefit the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, founded by Tracy Wilson Mourning, wife of NBA Champion Alonzo Mourning. For the past 10 years, Honey Shine has mentored hundreds of girls in the community, 15 of which have successfully graduated and gone on to higher education with funds raised through Hats Off. Honey Shine members and co-chairs Cathy Blank and Monisha Melwani led the effort that resulted in more than $250,000 being raised for the program. Special recognition was given to Steering Committee Member of the Year, Ayana Rodriguez, and Honey Bug of the Year, Jasmine Thompson, who was selected for her overall achievements in the program. Two other outstanding role models, Tahiese Beckford and Jonaura Wisdom, were honored with the Mentor of the Year Award. Ending the fashionable affair on a highlight, the Honey Bug showcase was complete with singing, dance performances, and featured fashions provided by GAP, Aleren, Bloomingdale’s Aventura, Manisha Patel and MIA Shoes.

Photos by Jo Winstead


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