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Kristi House - Breaking the Silence
6th Annual event to raise awareness of child sexual abuse

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Alberto Carvalho, Trudy Novicki, Frederick Bredemeyer & Manuel Marońo
Alberto Carvalho, Trudy Novicki, Frederick Bredemeyer & Manuel Marońo

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Kristi House and 400 friends and supporters came together for organization’s 6th Annual Breaking the Silence program designed to build awareness and focus attention on the epidemic of child sexual abuse. The event netted $253,000 in gifts and pledges for Kristi House programs.

“We have to make a shift in consciousness about child sexual abuse and exploitation, just as we did with smoking, women’s rights and civil rights,” Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally recognized inspirational speaker and author of many best-sellers, told the audience in a keynote address.

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle welcomed guests and highlighted the State Attorney’s Office partnership with Kristi House and others who work to investigate, prosecute and treat child sexual abuse cases. She recognized the support and commitment of many public officials present and the Leon Family, and saluted the leadership of outgoing, four-year Board President Frederick Bredemeyer II.

Guests also heard from survivors of child sexual abuse, including a young woman who received therapy services at Kristi House. She read an excerpt from her trauma narrative about overcoming years of sexual abuse by her father.


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