Essentially Key Biscayne: The Yidi Family

Working Hard and Having Serious Fun

Yidi family at The Sony Ericsson Open

Families bond on vacation all the time but on Key Biscayne, the Yidi family is connecting over the exact opposite: work. That’s because the family’s two children — Andres, who’s enrolled at Lynn University in Boca Raton and his sister Natalia, who attends Gulliver Preparatory School — founded Ytex, a business selling strings for tennis racquets. And their parents Claudia and Andres, who own a successful label manufacturing company, are helping with both hands on assignments and behind the scenes leadership. The result is not only the company’s exposure to prominent tennis symposiums, tournaments and players. But also — because the business has them working toward shared goals — the business has created for them some serious quality time together.

“Because we are traveling to all the product fairs,” says Claudia Yidi, “We’re in the car, laughing and talking about things we might not otherwise discuss. We go out for great dinners and completely take advantage of being away together. It’s been great for our family.”

The younger Andres — who his mom says can’t help but think about the marketing, costs and profits behind every business he comes across — came up with the idea to produce and sell the high performance strings after he continuously had to replace those on his own tennis racquet. With his father’s manufacturing connections, his sister’s marketing savvy, and his mother’s sales efforts, the Yidis have since entered into agreements with University Sports Program, which distributes products to higher educational institutions and have sold product at the Sony Ericsson Open in Crandon Park, alongside some of the industry’s biggest brands.

“Both the kids are so happy selling and not because of the money,” says Claudia Yidi. “But because they feel productive. They feel accomplished, creating a business. We’re always on top of them because they’re teenagers. But we stay back a little and let them do it. And they do it pretty good.”