Social Snapshot: Rebecca Peterson

The Community Programs Manager at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens speaks to us in her own words.

Rebecca Peterson is the Community Programs Managers at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Coconut Grove. She creates immersive programs at Vizcaya anchored in history and connected to the present, with the hopes of shaping the future. Her most recent project is a collaboration between IlluminArts, Hued Songs, and Vizcaya called Through the Storm: Women Walking in Greatness. Through the Storm is a three-part series of performances amplifying the historic contributions of three influential women. Dr. Dorothy Jenkins Fields, Chief Sandrell Rivers, and Betty Mae Tiger Jumper’s work has impacted and transformed Miami and South Florida, creating change for their own, and future, generations. These three musical performances will illuminate the intersections among the women’s lives as well as their inspirational achievements and contributions.

Peterson believes offering high quality experiences at a low ticket price goes a long way toward breaking down perceptions of Vizcaya as an exclusive place and to re-establishing the estate as a community hub where any are welcome. The upcoming performances are on Wednesdays, though April 5th, and tickets cost $15.

Rebecca Peterson
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