Teach For America Miami-Dade’s 3rd annual Excellence in Teaching event, Onward Together 2022

More than 100 generous supporters, teachers, education leaders, board members and staff gathered together for an evening of celebration and connection at Teach For America Miami-Dade’s 3rd annual Excellence in Teaching event, Onward Together, on Thursday, April 28th 2022. The celebratory evening at Briza on the Bay was a powerful reminder of the work accomplished by the incredible teachers and education leaders that were recognized and honored throughout the night.

Guests were welcomed to the inviting sunset-themed space with a signature cocktail and a range of delectable hors d’oeuvres and desserts. The evening featured inspirational words from Executive Director, LaKeisha Wells-Palmer and Board Chair, Leslie Miller Saiontz, followed by a special presentation of the Al and Jane Nahmad Family Foundation (AJNFF) Excellence in Teaching Award Finalists.


The evening concluded with the long-awaited announcement of the AJNFF Excellence in Teaching Award winner, Anna Shea, science teacher at Horace Mann Middle School. The dynamic event was the perfect reminder of the endless possibilities when innovative leaders come together and raise their hands to tackle educational inequity for the students of Miami-Dade.

Teach For America Miami-Dade gratefully acknowledges their champions for their generous support. Al and Jane Nahmad Family Foundation. Ryder. Stearns Weaver Miller. Helios Education Foundation. Leslie Miller Saiontz. Evelyn Langlieb Greer.

Anna Shea
Anna Shea, LaKeisha Wells Palmer
Daniel Perez, Anna Shea, Sylvie Brounstein, Leslie Miller Saiontz
Daniel Perez, Anna Shea, Sylvie Brounstein
Jackie Zambrano, Anna Shea, KayMesha Knox
Jackie Zambrano, KayMesha Knox
Jackie Zambrano, KayMesha Knox
KayMesha Knox, Jackie Zambrano, Daniel Perez, Anna Shea, Marchele Tucker, Carolina Sanchez
Angel Arroyo, Heather Ryan
Angel Arroyo, Heather Ryan
Donte Palmer
Donte Palmer
Alethia Hinds, Claudia Bojorquez, Joe Bretl, Megan Wong
Alethia Hinds, Claudia Bojorquez, Leslie Millier Saiontz, Megan Wong
Kamye Hugley
Kamye Hugley
Whitney O’Regan, Jackie Enriquez, Laura Zapata Kim, Bernard Zapata Kim
Luis Nobriga, Tiffany Brutus
Thomas Micek, Samantha Hoare, Jasmine Calin
Phillip Calloway, Zahirah Calloway, and Tsipporah Calloway
LaKeisha Wells Palmer, Heather Ryan


Teach For America finds, develops, and supports a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate.

Teach For America Miami-Dade works toward the day when every child will receive an excellent and equitable education by finding and developing a diverse network of leaders who commit to expanding opportunities for low-income students across South Florida.
Potential is equally distributed across lines of race and class, but in America today, opportunity is not. The circumstances children are born into often predict the opportunities they will have in life and the quality of education they will receive. When millions of children aren’t getting the education they need, it affects us all. Teach For America knows what children are capable of when given the opportunities they deserve and the support they need.

Teach For America came to Miami-Dade in 2003 with the belief in the potential of all children and their right to an excellent and equitable education. Our diverse network of leaders is committed to expanding opportunities for Miami-Dade’s students by creating education systems that prepare all children to succeed in the 21st century. Today, more than 800 Teach For America leaders are impacting over 50,000 students in Miami-Dade each and every day. By supporting Teach For America Miami-Dade, you are helping to make educational equity a reality for all students in Miami-Dade. Join us in our mission to reach One Day, and envision what’s possible when we all raise our hands to tackle educational inequity.