Social Shopping: 5 Statement-Making Buys

A few key items can speak volumes about ideals.

                                        Masks with a message

Make a statement without saying a word, this VOTE mask by KarenBlanchard speaks volumes while your actual mouth is covered in complete safety. It’s from Bloomingdales and we couldn’t find a better way to have a voice these days. –>  Karen Blanchard: Vote Mask

                                        Bring on the Bread

Bring back the bagels! The Great Low Carb bagels are just 65 calories and, as the name suggests, are packed with 12 grams of protein and offer just two, tiny net carbs. As long as we’re slicing bread, might as well try the spaghetti and the hamburger buns by having a whole box delivered, as the sampler contains a crazy collection of formerly off-limit leavened luxuries. Great Low Carb Sampler Box!

                                        Meet your Wine-Maker

Nakedwines – as if the name weren’t its own sales pitch – says that every wine they sell is produced by a real, independant winemaker. The site has gotten mentions in mass outlets such as US Weekly, Forbes and Inc. for its prices and its policy of connecting wine makers and wine drinkers, encouraging us to write notes if we enjoyed a vintage. Now they’re throwing in wine, we see a good reason to try. $100 off your first order of $149.99 or more. You will be presented with a 6 pack of wine worth $149.99 that you get for $49.99 with your voucher. Shipping included.

                                        Love animals and leather


Vegan leather is all the rage, but without any actual anger. Stylish, warm and 100 percent sexy, there’s a collection from Alice & Olivia that includes joggers, coats and tops that are both chic and cruelty-free.Discover the new Vegan Leather Collection from alice + olivia.

A peaceful surprise

Take those yoga Instagram pictures to a new level with Yogi Surprise. We’ve shown the beach, we’ve got the clothes, now with this box of yoga treats each month, we can truly elevate our at-home yoga practices with skin care, medication kits and more. Use Code: PEACEWARRIOR To Get 20% Off Your First Box.

*** Hey, SocialMiami may make a commission on some of the items, but rest assured, we selected carefully. 

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