2020/2021 Miami Charity Gala Guide

The season’s premiere list of philanthropic events, performances and fundraising initiatives.

Welcome to to the 2020-21 Gala Guide and do not be surprised about its publication!

The pandemic did not stop Miami charities from providing services. In fact, Branches fed more families, Chapman Partnership did more to help the homeless and The American Cancer Society is still, thankfully, fighting cancer. New World Symphony used its technology to bring music to your personal screens and Nicklaus Children’s Foundation and Jackson Health Foundation were performing more than medical miracles (and certainly those as well!)

Philanthropy in Miami is active and engaging. And in this year’s Gala Guide, you’ll find a list of organizations that are working harder than ever. Here you’ll find the most diligent and industrious, and they’re anticipating major fundraising events and initiatives this year.

Certainly, the season opens with a degree of uncertainty. SocialMiami is partnering with these charities to bring the community constant updates. We’ll do that of course in the Gala Guide, but we’ll also be publishing full articles to announce every single change that’s made to any event listed in our guide. If a performance moves from virtual to in-person, and of course if there are time or date changes, you can simply check our pages. They’re electronic – they have been for over 20 years – and are fully equipt to update everyone at a moment’s notice.

So welcome to the new season, a new normal, and a vibrant philanthropic scene.




Brett Graff, Editor-in-Chief

Tentatively, depending on stone crab season.