Thank you for contributing to SocialMiami, and lending your expertise and authority to the most affluent and educated readers in South Florida. In order to ensure your work is published efficiently and accurately, we have established the following editorial guidelines.

All contributors must be approved by the managing editor.

All contributors must guarantee their submissions are original content, which SocialMiami has permission to publish.

Articles and photos sent unsolicitedly will not be considered for publication.

All article ideas and photo galleries require advanced approval from the managing editor. SocialMiami has the right to reject any submission from even an established contributor without prior approval of the subject and content.

We appreciate the opportunity to be the first outlet to publish an event’s coverage. To that end, we do have allowances for tight deadlines. Timely news articles and photo galleries – meaning they chronicle events having occurred no more than four days before publication – absolutely must be submitted by noon on the day before publication. For example, if the piece includes information about an event on a Saturday and might benefit by being published the following Tuesday, all materials must be filed before Monday at noon. General interest pieces on people, food and any other subjects that do not require tight deadlines must be filed on the Thursday before publication. *All pieces – even when filed according to guidelines – will be published at the editor’s discretion and according to the newsletter’s availability and editorial schedule. 

Text must be submitted in a Microsoft Word Document as an email attachment. Submissions in PDF files, embedded in emails or as webpages cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.

Only your first article submission will be considered. Do not submit an article more than one time. If you want to make changes, please wait until after the first edit and the piece is returned for your review. Do not send a separate email asking the editor to incorporate changes. Do not send a second submission. Please take care to check your work before filing.

All edits are final unless there’s an omitted word or a factual or grammatical error.

Photo file names must identify the included subjects and in correct order. Photos with numbers as file names will not be published. Photos captions will be published exactly how the files are submitted.

Photos must be submitted either as a single email attachment or, when transmitting multiple photos, must be submitted via Dropbox. Please do NOT use WeTransfer Google Sharing. Photos must be submitted as JPEG files.

If you are attending an event on behalf of SocialMiami, or if you have been invited as a SocialMiami contributor, our guidelines require you tag the outlet in social media posts. for Instagram, socialmiami for Facebook and @SocialMiami for Twitter.

Contributors who go more than 90 days without filing or covering news on behalf of the site will be removed from the contributor page.