To all the non-profits providing invaluable services to the South Florida community, thank you. The fallout from mid-2020 has put even greater demands on your organization, meaning that publishing your mission has become even more critical. SocialMiami has stood by the community and its membership, redirecting donors from in-person galas to online fundraisers, publicizing virtual events for its family of non-profits and now, by creating ways for you to expand your networks and widen your team of supporters. Sure, we are still offering the Gala Guide, because you’re having events that may be smaller but must be recognized. But during the pandemic we noticed that many of you opened your doors to Members Only, and knew those of us wanting to be part of something bigger – in a way that might be smaller – would want to know the organizations offering memberships and what the benefits are for joining. So we are putting out a MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY. We also know that there are droves of professional people wanting to help but unsure of where to start. And that many of you have divisions created exclusively for those people, and we – like you – want them to be involved. So we are publishing our YOUNG PROFESSIONALS DIRECTORY And of course, we still have our ever popular pre-event publicity pieces, photo galleries and profiles. And if you’re already part of our site, you know you have our full support when it comes to news and editorial features. We love to tell our readers what you’re doing. So be well, stay safe, and let’s get the word out.




Brett Graff, Editor-in-Chief

SocialMiami Gala Guide

Whether it’s a grand gala, luncheon, dinner or a virtual celebration, your event appearing in Miami’s most comprehensive and popular guide to the season puts it on the philanthropic map. Your supporters will save the date, outside planners will note the booking and the community will recognize the event as an occasion in the city’s social landscape. With the listing, you’ll get:

  • Your event featured in SocialEyes column, which is a gallery proving in pictures that your organization is big on philanthropy and heavy on power. Honor your donors’ dedication to the cause by featuring board members, philanthropists and executives in prominent photo galleries that are viewed by the most esteemed readership in South Florida. The SocialEyes column is famous for generating interest in organizations, putting people on the philanthropic map and elevating everyone’s prestige. 
  • An appearance for five consecutive weeks before the event in our weekly Events-of-the-Week newsletter, which is our widely read calendar sent to our entire readership. 
  • A listing that is, as our 2020 organizations learned, flexible and easily edited. If your event is changed in any way, SocialMiami will make the immediate updates. What’s more, for the 2020-21 social season, SocialMiami will alert its readers to the changes by including the updates in an article to run in the widely-read Tuesday newsletter.

RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 21: $950 per listing before September 1, 2020

Charity Membership Directory

If you offer memberships to your organization, place those options in what will soon be the most widely-referenced guide to getting involved. Your organization can list an unlimited number of membership levels along with its benefits. The listing will link to your SocialMiami organization page. In addition to introducing your options to the community in a page that will be distributed to readers as well as living on the SocialMiami site,  you’ll also get:

  • An editorial article distributed to our entire readership if your organization opens only to members due to unforeseen circumstances such as those of Coved-19 2, if there are changes in your operations of if specific benefits for members-arise, such as private access to new exhibits or invitations to lectures.
  • Inclusion in our holiday story telling readers that giving a gift of a museum, literary or artistic membership is more meaningful.

RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 30: $650 per listing before September 1, 2020

SocialMiami Young Professionals Directory

Energize your organization by attracting the next generation leading donors by listing your Young Professionals division in SocialMiami’s newest publication. Not only will your organization  engage a socially ambitious crowd, seeking to make a philanthropic footprint and also powerful community connections, but you’ll also get:

  • A Social Snapshot article on two Young Professionals of your choosing to be distributed in our widely read editorial newspaper.
  • A calendar listing in SocialMiami’s widely read Events-of-the-Week newsletter appearing two weeks before the event.
  • A post-event photo gallery published in SocialMiami for each Young Professionals occasion.
  • A page for your Young Professionals division in SocialMiami’s organizations page, which will display all events.

RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 20th: $950 per listing before August 1

SocialMiami Virtual Fundraisers by Rolando Rodriguez

SocialMiami’s virtual fundraising service can help your cause raise critical funds from online platforms that are easy, exciting and more cost effective than the traditional galas or luncheons. Yes, you’ll spend less, raise more, and widen your network with a countless number of new donors. You’ll get:

  • A strategy customized for your organization and your goals.
  • A timeline and budget.
  • Ideas for engaging your board and top leadership.
  • Publicity the whole way in SocialMiami, the city’s premiere publication for showcasing philanthropic events and recognizing those who make them successful.
  • Guidance in launching and landing the campaign.
  • Closing out the cash, thanking the donors, and help in keeping your new and expanded community engaged.

Pricing available upon request

Editorial, News and Calendar Listings

SocialMiami continues to offer a range of publicity pieces, profiles and calendar listings. The prices are available upon request. 

Calendar Listings Make sure your events are placed in the weekly calendar that’s distributed each Friday to the entire SocialMiami readership. Sent by email as well as living for the week on the site’s home page, the events are referenced by South Florida readers with serious discerning social agendas and healthy disposable incomes. The listing includes your event headline, the dates, a description of the event, cost, your organization, contact information, and a link to your site. It also includes the ability to post an eye-catching photo alongside the text. When you have access to the calendar, your organization will get a page on SocialMiami, and the events posted will also automatically appear, giving readers a full perspective on your activities and endeavors throughout the year. 

Pre-event Publicity Piece Let the city’s most esteemed socializers learn about your event before the date, so they can plan ahead instead of missing out. For this piece, you’ll provide us with up to 300 words packed with your event details – date, time, place, celebrity appearances or chairs – and up to three photos. Include your event chairs in bold and mention the tastes, the sounds and the sips your guests will experience. The headline is the name and date of the event and it runs as a stand-alone article in our Tuesday newsletter.   

On Site Publicity Make sure your guests know SocialMiami is there by securing celebrity photographer, our editor-in-chief and our fashion correspondent. We’ll be there, conducting interviews, taking photos, and socializing – it’s our specialty.

Post Event Publicity Piece We will publish a 250-word feature article based on your press release and three photos you provide to include it in our widely-read editorial newsletter. This piece will chronicle the great work you’re doing, the people you’re helping and the difference your organization is making.  

Post Event Publicity Series We’ll compile six articles – each to include four photos you provide – about the work you accomplished or the funds your organization raised on a specific occasion. SocialMiami reporters will interview up to two sources whose contact information you’ll supply, and capture on its pages the people you’ve helped and the lives you’ve changed. We will also mention the sponsors or donors that made it possible to forward your mission. Articles will be 250 to 350 words.   

Social Eyes  This photo gallery proves in pictures that your organization is big on philanthropy and heavy on power. Honor your dedication to the cause by featuring your board members, executives or customers in prominent photo galleries that are viewed by the most esteemed readership in South Florida. Social Eyes column is famous for generating interest in organizations, putting people on the philanthropic map and elevating everyone’s prestige. You’ll provide the photos and the text and this can be a dedicated email or included in the newsletter, content to be published before two weeks of submission.  

Five Questions for Your Chair In SocialMiami’s newest column premiering to an overwhelming response, our reporters interview a prominent person and, in asking five questions, showcase a philanthropic gesture, creative endeavor or business strategy, with a photo published alongside the story. (The 3 interviews are conducted and written by staff and each published in the weekly newsletter and posted in social media within one month.) 

Social Snapshot: Your board member speaks to us in her/his own words (Questionnaire, one photo) For the big personalities on your board, this easy-to-read, fun-to-craft piece will honor a donor of your choosing by asking them to answer – in their own handwriting – questions on a page they’ll later scan and return. They’ll need to write clearly because we’ll publish the raw, unedited sheet. Our readers will enjoy responses filled with character, meaning humor, honesty, passion, sarcasm — or any combination – are all very welcome. (Two questions can be removed/altered to accommodate specific information you’ll want to share. Donor/organization supplies photo, story runs in SocialMiami weekly newsletter.) 

Social Inc: INSERT COMPANY NAME culture enriches the community (400 to 600 words, 3 photos provided by your team)  This corporate profile will feature the large or small business that supports your organization. Our reporter will interview three people you select (president, foundation executive, motivated employee of any rank, philanthropic recipient) and write a story detailing this corporation’s commitment to social responsibly. We’ll lay out the culture, the values, and the goals that make your sponsor a valuable member of the community. And describe the internal results that come from this teamwork – how it boosts morale, productivity and creates the family-like environment that’s always good business.   

Pricing available upon request