Gala Guide

Welcome to the 2024-25 Gala Guide, featuring the strongest, most prominent and philanthropic organizations. As you know, your event appearing in Miami’s most comprehensive and popular guide to the season puts it on the philanthropic map. Your supporters will save the date, outside planners will note the booking and the community will recognize the event as an occasion in the city’s social landscape.
Please send:
  • Name of Your Organization
  • Mission of Your Organization
  • Name of the Event
  • Date of Event
  • Name of Venue
  • Address of Venue
  • Time
  • Ticket price(s)
  • Chair-people plus a few captivating sentences on what your guests-participants-viewers will experience
  • Contact Person Name
  • Contact Person Email
  • The Link to Buy Tickets or Get More Information
  • Two to Three jpeg Files of Supporters to Feature in the Photo (if you need help with this we can help by going through our archives.)

The current rate for entries is:
$1750 for summer promotion (includes dedicated email for post event photo gallery)
$1595 for summer rates with promotion beginning Sept 21, materials must be sent before Sept 1 NOT including post event photo gallery
$1895 for summer rates with promotion beginning Sept 21 WITH a dedicated email for post event photo gallery