2018/2019 Miami Charity Gala Guide

Gala season has started and with the first pour of champagne, we in Miami begin to celebrate our community’s devotion to philanthropy. From saving lives to improving them, from protecting animals and oceans to creating after-school and educational programs, all while consoling, healing, cultivating, mentoring and moving, we get to witness the strength of those who make it possible to overcome challenges and – many times – those who benefit from those colossal efforts.


SocialMiami.com this year has the pleasure of toasting some major milestones. Congratulations to His House Children’s Home on 15 years, to the ARC Spectrum Awards for Women on 25 years, and to the Jackson’s Guardians of the Children on the 20th year of its luncheon. A standing salute to even longer-standing legacies, such as Beaux Arts and YPO, on more than 60 years each, to Hebrew Academy on 71 years, and to the Jackson Health Foundation on over 100 years. Talk about getting better with age! This season, we toast all the miracle-makers in Miami, and let you know SocialMiami is honored to be part of this steadfast and sparkling landscape.
–Brett Graff, SocialMiami Editor-in-Chief