SocialMiami does not provide metrics. The number of clicks and views cannot accurately measure the impact your SocialMiami partnership has on the philanthropic community. The outlet’s readership is highly targeted and constitutes the most affluent and educated audience in the city. It’s an exclusive portion of the population, small yet powerful. A recent report on our own demographics proves it’s a group reporting to fly private, maintain second, third and fourth residences, join more than one country club and pay for tables at prominent charity events. That means 100 of our readers could be more valuable for philanthropic purposes than 10,000 choosing a free paper or a glossy magazine.

What’s more, the attention your event will get cannot be fully captured in a particular timeframe. Not only because we’ll run your event photos or article all year long, including the “Best of the Season” lists we run until the summer ends. But also because our search engine strength is powerful, so even after your article runs or your event is over, aspiring philanthropists will see the powerful people you attract your supporters will see that donor at your event at the top of a Google search. It’s impossible to quantify the muscle – and one strengthening each year — this association gives your organization.

For post event publicity pictures, there are many important benefits metrics do not measure. It’s impossible to measure the value of gratitude your supporters feel when they’re recognized publicly. Or the effect of that gratitude. It’s impossible to calculate the prestige your organization receives by being associated with the city’s most major charities.