38th Annual Informed Families Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab

The 38th annual dinner was celebrated by generous donors, colleagues, and friends who are helping kids grow up safe, healthy, and drug-free.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levine Cava & Peggy Sapp, President & CEO of Informed Families

The 38th Annual Informed Families Fundraising Dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab was celebrated by generous donors, colleagues, and friends who enjoyed Joe’s World-Famous Claws to Helping Kids Grow Up Safe, Healthy, and Drug-Free. Thank you to Steve Sawitz, Joann Bass and Joe’s staff, for their legendary food and service. This year’s theme was “Bringing Generations Together,” which is a protective factor for kids. Many attendees have never missed an Informed Families Joe’s Event. Everyone agrees we’ve created a community through impact at Joe’s. IF raised over $250,000 which makes it possible for Informed Families to reach more than 3.2 million children and their families (both statewide and online) with positive prevention messages and resources.

Carrie Bodin, Sydney Wright, Elaine Tatum, Caryn McDougal, Elise Wood, Meg Wright, Morgan Smith, Juliana Morejon
Dan Schwartz ,Doug & Molly Eaton, Elaina Weissberg, Rosie Marrero, Corey Mershon, Barbara Taylor, Marina Comas
Event Chair - Fowler White, Burnett, P.A., Jesse Gilley, James DeChurch, Richard Wood, Juan Zorrilla
Fred & Ana Taylor, Sergeant Addy Villanueva, UMPD, Alfredo Vallejo, Chief Alex Casas FIU, Lieutenant Gigi Casas MDPD
From The Office Of The Mayor, Cathy Burgos, Morris Copeland, Davis Leyte-Vidal, Michelle Johnson, Chanel Jefferson, MJ Green

Emerald Claw Sponsors

Christopher E. Knight | Fowler White Burnett, P.A.
Coral Gables Trust Company

Colossal Claw Sponsors

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty
Adam E. & Chanin Carlin and Richard B. Bermont & Anne M. Levy
Podhurst Orseck, P.A.

Gabriela Bolado, Conchi Argiz, Tony Argiz, Les Pantin, Leslie Pantin, Martha Pantin, Elena Albareda, Nelson Albareda
Guenther Koehne, Sissy DeMaria Koehne, Richard DeNapoli, Rjon Robins, Deborah and Jim Davidson, Mike Torres
Jessi Berrin, Dawn White, Ben Miller, Erin Dowd, Joe Natoli, Jeff White, Jasmin Grant
Joel Eaton, Aaron & Dorothy Podhurst, Carole Curran, Daniel Calabrese, Steve & Oxana Marks, Caren & Peter Prieto, Stephen & Mindy Rosenthal
Jon & Nancy Batchelor, Phillis Oeters, Bonnie Michaels, Dr. Warren Quillian, JJ Lunsford, Alexa Casale, Peggy Sapp
Jon Batchelor & Peggy Sapp
Juan Gonzalez, Ariel Manso, Rick Vega, Rene Sanchez, Peggy Sapp Informed Families, Daniel Baster, Oliver Ortiz
Lily Karson, Arden Karson, Susie Owens, Bill Fay, John and Kara Crotty, Paula and Michael Fay
Martha & Dougan Clarke, Mausi & Jeff McDaniel, Frank & Lindsay Kissel, Julie & Mike Moran
Robert Armstrong, Larry Gettis, Lylliam Armstrong, Gabrielle d’Alembertri, Stanley Wakshlag, Adam Carlin, Bo & Shirley Crane
Ruth Riley, Ben Hunter, Anita & Ron Shuffield, Jayson Wahlstrom, Melissa Shuffield, Scott & Michelle Shuffield
Standing: Dr. Phil Newcomm, Alejandro Gomez, Katie Newcomm, Luisa Cobb, Toby Cobb. Seated: Dr. Sarah M. Selem, Dr. Jose Selem, Dr. Sarah Legorburu-Selem, Kolleen Cobb, Chris Cobb
Standing: Robert Stone, Michael Gold, Austin Hollo. Seated: Michael & Valerie Katz, Kerrin & Peter Bermont, Michele Stone
Tammy Davis, Anna Habenschuss, Brigette Lopez, Natalie Fazio, Drew Davis, Patrick Cordero, Butch Davis, Nelson Lopez, Joe Habenschuss, Jed & Natalie Keime, Ana Cordero
Vice Admiral Alvin Holsey, Stephanie Holsey, Gen. Laura Richardson, Laura Horton, Steve & Ross Sawitz, Charles & Marabel Morgan
Wilson Alvarez, Michael Miller, Lori Nussbaum, Richard Neidorf, Andres Pena
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