5th Annual Vizcayan Preservation Luncheon

Brimmed with beautiful hats and bright smiles!

Norma Quintero, Fernanda Kellogg, Lydia Touzet, Leslie Bowe

The Vizcayans hosted their fifth annual Preservation Luncheon, fondly referred to as the “Hat Luncheon”, at the historic Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Over 250 guests donned stylish hats and elegant attire as they arrived at the luncheon through Vizcaya’s Italianate gardens and began the afternoon enjoying champagne and canapés in the main courtyard of James Deering’s captivating estate opened in 1916. Guests were treated to the sound of live trumpets announcing the commencement of a lavish lunch on the east terrace overlooking the beautiful bay.

Leslie Bowe, President of the Vizcayans, welcomed guests while giving thanks to the Preservation Luncheon founder, Norma Quintero and Luncheon chair, Lydia Touzet. The Vizcayans also honored the Tiffany Foundation for their donation that continues to support the restoration efforts of the Garden Fountain.

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