80” OF ART Raises Money for NWSA Programs

New World School of the Arts and the Sagamore Hotel hosted an impressive art auction at the boutique Art Hotel with more than 400 guests gathering to celebrate NWSA’s 25th birthday. It was one of the first events to welcome the chic Art Basel season, and the NWSA Alumni Art Auction drew collectors and community leaders to demonstrate their steadfast commitment to New World School of the Arts – South Florida’s premier arts conservatory. The event was the second show of its kind curated by Maggy Cuesta, dean of the visual arts division at New World School of the Arts. To the delight of the alumni who generously donated their work to the school, the bidding was lively and competitive with the net result – an astounding $30,685 to benefit NWSA’s visual arts program. Enthused and exhilarated, patrons, guests and friends – many of whom went home carrying their prized art works – once again had the opportunity to experience and enjoy the talent that has been fostered during the past two and half decades in the classrooms, studios and galleries of New World School of the Arts.

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