AIRIE Summer Salon

The AIRIE (Artists in Residence in Everglades) Summer Salon was held at the home of Valerie Grace Ricordi, AIRIE Board Member, Everglades lover, and arts activist. Situated on the original Haden mango plantation, a stone’s throw from the house where environmentalist and Everglades advocate Marjory Stoneman Douglas wrote River of Grass, Ms. Ricordi’s historic Coconut Grove home was the perfect setting to enjoy a live performance by current artist in residence Ana Mendez, an audio installation by Gustavo Matamoros and work from the AIRIE collection. Joining Ms. Ricordi on the host committee were Christy Gast and Deborah Mitchell.

AIRIE offers artists the opportunity to get to know the ecology of the Everglades by being immersed in it. By shadowing scientists in the field, hiking through the pinelands, kayaking through mangroves, and exploring Cape Sable and the 10,000 Islands, artists find the inspiration to create new work. They develop a deep understanding of the Everglades’ ecological importance, and then share their perspective through their work and creative public programs.

Photos by Tracy Niedermeyer

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