Art Inspired By Burning Man

Thomas Kramer hosted a VIP Cocktail reception to showcase for the first time ever, a sampling of the “Art Inspired By Burning Man” to top art collectors and to debut the limited edition bound photo collection retrospective of Burning Man. The event took place at Kramer’s palatial waterfront estate on Star Island and benefitted The Black Rock Arts Foundation, which strives to facilitate art in public places that encourage direct involvement with people who encounter it. BRAF consistently seeks to include an expanding universe of people to participate in creation, presentation, and experience of art. The event was produced and curated by Hope Gainer and artists included Tomas Loewy, Jorge Fernandez, Glen Mayo, Facundo Poj, Carson Case, Stefan Von Fouts, Artalk. Check out SocialMiami’s complete Art Inspired by Burning Man gallery. Pictured: Thomas Kramer with a performer.

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