Author CV Shaw writes about healing in your heart and your head

The holistic practitioner weaves what she sees as the truth about healing into her fictional book.

Jennifer Diliz introduces author CV Shaw

Miamian Cecilia Valdes Shaw (pen name C.V. Shaw) is a holistic practitioner who authored The Spell, a fictional tale of a royal family’s dangerous curse. The message woven throughout the pages, however, is far from imaginary and instead promotes Shaw’s very real conviction that a person’s belief system will dictate her life. (Spoiler alert: you can change your beliefs.)

Shaw has been writing poetry since age seven and later studied journalism. She is a doctor of Oriental medicine, a quantum energy practitioner and a MindScape instructor. Her practice is in South Miami and her writings have appeared in How to Survive Your Teenage, Story Circle Journal, M.D. News, Florida Medical Business, Miami Herald and Club Systems International.

Author CV Shaw

After a successful launch at Books & Books, she now has a few words to help us heal.

The message of the book: I’d be spoiling the whole book! But basically, it’s about being careful what you believe in life. Your belief system shape your life and how you respond to life.

The holistic approach to covid: In Eastern medicine we work on prevention, that’s our motto.  Maintaining healthy lifestyle that boosts the immune system. Chinese herbs can help, and each of my kids has three bottles of AVR, which is an all-natural, antiviral resolution.

On practices we can implement each day: Sit down, relax and take deep breaths. In Miami we live so fast we don’t take time out to breathe – and stress is the cause of all diseases. Emotions get stuck in our bodies and can they solidify. If they become nodules, we get sick. We have to take time to breathe.

Also we don’t drink enough water. Water is life, we’re 80 percent water, if there’s less water there’s less life.

Why we still need a healer: Everything is energy, when there are blockages in a body’s flow of energy, those blockages cause illness. I am able to tap into person’s energetic feel and I can see the block. It’s like a traffic jam and there’s an accident, so there’s a backup, sometimes half of a person is not getting enough energy, the other half too much. Take the cranial bones – they’re fused and if they’re a tiny bit jammed, the brain fluid is blocked and doesn’t circulate. When we touch those bones, we imagine it’s the weight of a nickel. We can feel what’s off balance.

The challenges of her business: One problem is the patients get better so they don’t come back. We do this because we really want the patient to get better.

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