Birthday in the Sandbox

A sea of red greeted Drs. Michael and David Russin as friends gathered to celebrate the twins’ 75th birthday. Cincinnati natives, the two brothers are avid fans of the Reds so The Sandbox at Miami Theater Center was cleverly transformed into a baseball locker room by Sharon Siegal’s team at Deco Productions. David Russin is a retired oncological surgeon, and Michael is an orthopedic hand surgeon who practices at Mount Sinai and Aventura Surgery Center. Guests “dined” on typical and fun ballpark fare and down-home comfort food catered and served by Epicure. DJ Xavier kept the party lively, and the appearance of Elvis (Michael Fayer) had everyone on their feet. Guests included fellow doctors Phil Lozman, Paul Swaye, Steve Zaron, Richard Berger, Gordon Miller, and Larry Wynne; Alexis Rossi, Flo Moss, Donna Diamond, Bill and Ruth Waechter, Ken and Sue Recant, Barry and Barbara Sugerman; tennis and golf buddies Ira and Ronni Elegant, Harris Buchbinder, Mark and Trudy Gold, Allan and Patsy Glazer; and pilot pals Craig Maudsley and Dr. Charles Bird.

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