Breaking the Silence Luncheon

Kristi House raises funds and awareness at its 16th Annual Luncheon.

Ximena Kavalekas, Amanda Altman, Mayor Daniella Levine Cave and Erika Obando

The 16th Annual Breaking the Silence luncheon raised funds for Kristi House, which offers services for children overcoming sexual abuse and sex trafficking trauma. Guests heard moving testimony from Erika Obando about her journey from “victim to victorious,” overcoming immigration trauma, child sexual abuse trauma and other tremendous challenges…all too-familiar to thousands of child-victims who have found healing at Kristi House. Over $148,500 was raised for Kristi House’s services and prevention programs.

Title Sponsor


Presenting Sponsor

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Major Sponsor

Bradesco Bank
Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman
Norma Jean Abraham
Wendy Brainard
Eileen Chin
DEX Imaging
Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins

Ximena Kavalekas hosted a beautiful pop-up shop and generously donated a portion of sale proceeds of the day. She unveiled a new design called the “Amanda,” named in honor of Kristi House CEO Amanda Altman. Wines were donated by Kristi House’s longtime sponsor, Republic National Distributing Company.

Marlle Lopez and Lucy Morillo
Norma Jean Abraham with Ximena Kavaleka's Purses
CEO Amanda Altman and Speaker Erika Obando
CEO Amanda Altman and Speaker Erika Obando
Title Sponsor Angie Santibanez from Amazon and Presenting Sponsor Julie Katz from Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Title Sponsor Angie Santibanez from Amazon and Presenting Sponsor Julie Katz from Nicklaus Children's Hospital
Long-time supporter Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman
Long-time supporter Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman
Sponsors from Regions: Vicky Esqueff, Melissa Saltos, Julian Idarraga, Frank Slodarz, Marcos Ubinas, Ariel Sanchez, Teresa Diaz, Tammi Calvo-Sánchez, Angie Llaca and Chris Cruzpino
Elisa Malebranche, Gabriela Blasini, Susan Bonner of OneWorldSpa, Melissa Beckwith, and Bertha Lara
Karen Reiter, Barbara Goldfarb, Florence Halberstein, Robin Willis and Deborah Billings
Kristi House Board Chair Jennifer Love
Meme Ferre, State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Norma Jean Abraham
Michelle Hernanez and Guests
Michelle Lynn, David Lynn, Dave Lawrence, Meme Ferre and Rafa Saldana
Dr. Andrea Loeb, Dr. Summer Sullivan, Dr. Michelle Ferrer, Dr. Ashley Tirado, Dr. Luz Berrio, Dr. Karina Luaces, Liz Sarmiento and Talia Hason
Ximena Kavalekas unveiled the "Amanda Bag", named for Kristi House's CEO
Christian Rodarte, Ilona Vega Jaramillo, Selma Sotolongo, Yvonne Chen, Adriana Vergara, Sara Sullivan, and Kristen Ashburn
Board Development Chair Aaron Karger, Chad Turner, Julian Jackson-Fanin, and Ivan Schertzer
Amanda Altman, Mayor Danielle Levine Cava and Keynote Speaker Erika Obando
Sponsors from Bradesco Bank-Jazmin Delgado, Anne Lehner-Garcia, Claudia Palmer and Elyssa Linares of United Way Miami
Sponsors from Dex Imaging_ Jessica Lavin, Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, Marjorie Hurst, Rich Powers, Debbie Powers, Luis Casas and Laura Kallus
Kristi House staff and volunteers

About Kristi House

Kristi House, Inc., the Children’s Advocacy Center for all of Miami-Dade County, is dedicated to providing a healing environment for child victims of abuse and their families. This approach includes coordinating client families’ involvement with legal, medical and mental health systems, limiting the number of interviews to reduce the trauma associated with each retelling of the story, and ensuring that no child falls through the gaps. Kristi House also directly provides a full continuum of wrap-around services and care for victims and their families free of charge, including therapy, which is critical for recovery from the trauma of abuse for most survivors.

Kristi House is centrally located in the “Health District” area of Miami at 1265 NW 12 Avenue. Five satellite locations in other parts of Miami-Dade County serve clients in surrounding neighborhoods. Founded in 1995, Kristi House has provided services for more than 24,290 victims of child abuse and their families to help them recover from the trauma of abuse and exploitation. Services include case coordination, therapy, referral, transportation, advocacy, client emergency assistance, as well as prevention education and training. For more information, visit

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