Celebrating America with Women’s Rights Activist Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem and SocialMiami events editor Cristina Mas

Celebrating America – as most of us did on July 4th – means appreciating her progress and on this year’s national birthday, I had the honor of meeting a woman who single-handedly advanced American feminism.

I spent the Fourth of July with the Fearless Feminist, Gloria Steinem. Yes! The journalist who covered women’s issues for publications including New York Magazine and Cosmopolitan, the co-founder of Ms. magazine and later – with Jane Fonda – the co-founder of the Women’s Media Center.

My boyfriend David Adler and I went up to North Carolina and joined his parents at an amazing party at the stunning West Glow resort. His mother, Judy Adler, casually mentioned that Steinem would be there and told me stories about how they spent two weeks in India with Steinem, learning about human trafficking.

When we arrived at the party it was even more beautiful than I could have expected. The resort overlooks a valley in the beautiful North Carolina mountain range. But despite the view, I was looking for Gloria Steinem in every corner. Finally, as I’m waiting for the buffet line to be open, Judy Adler whispered in my ear: “It’s time to come and meet her.”

I was in awe. In college and beyond, I have taken numerous courses on women’s issues and had learned about Steinem extensively. She is a thought leader, activist, philanthropist and as a self-proclaimed #BossBabe. She embodies all of this!

In addition to making history – and this should not diminish her historical strides but also add to them – she is really cool. Her sunglasses were on and she wore a denim jacket that had been custom made for her by Levi’s. Her name embroidered on the front and the back, had a fist in pink thread with the words “Fearless Feminist.” Thank you, Gloria for everything you have done and continue to do for women around the world.

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