Chris Weinberg Throws a Festive July 4th

The celebrity event planner shows us how to pull off a patriotic holiday at home


Consider serving sliders, so guests don't share serving spoons.

The Fourth of July is considered the peak of summer entertaining. This means a party – pool party, picnic, dinner party, pre or post fireworks – and a celebration of some kind is in order. The best and safest  – and perhaps most fun — way to celebrate is at home with family or a few close friends (while maintaining a six-foot distance because with COVID-19, it’s the patriotic thing to do.). Good weather means a variety of outdoor entertaining options that include grilling and pool or water activities. If the weather is not cooperating – thanks to heat and rain – there are plenty of ways to celebrate indoors such as a patriotic movie marathon and popcorn bar, a local craft beer or American whiskey tasting and some fun card or board games.

Flowers in July 4th colors make things festive

These past months have altered our perspective and given us a deeper appreciation of spending time with our families, as well as realizing how much we cherish our friendships. There’s no better time than right now to pull out your favorite china and linens and celebrate! Just remember, elevated, casual at home entertaining is about sharing your passions and talent. Be inspired by what you have at home and honor this holiday by incorporating some of these fun, festive, and patriotic ideas.

  1. Plan a July 4thspread with all of your favorite foods. If you love to cook, plan a simple or elaborate meal. For many it’s easy to fire up the grill with classics like ribs, hamburgers and hotdogs, grilled corn and your favorite side dishes. If you don’t want to cook, now is a great time to support your favorite local restaurant, caterer or bakery and order in.
  2. Set a fun, casual and elevated table inside. Remember it’s all in the details! I like to say if you have it, use it. Mix and match festive dinnerware from your collection and include glassware, cutlery and linens. Using anything other than your everyday items will make the holiday feel extra special. Another bonus, you are being sustainably responsible by not using disposable items. Remember to add some fresh flowers (white Hydrangeas are beautiful and easy to arrange) or cut some greens and foliage from outside. Pro Tip: Light a scented candle by the entry to your home an hour before guests arrive to give them a scented welcome.
  3. Make a patriotic dessert. Hints: red, white, blue, flag. The internet is full of delicious, patriotic holiday recipes, including color pictures, step by step processes and tutorial videos. Have at it and your guests will love your efforts! To ensure success, read recipes thoroughly and make sure you have all ingredients before committing time and effort to something new.

  1. Braised brisket belly makes your slider selection unbeatable

    Make a batch cocktail and/or a pitcher of fresh lemonade. Batch cocktails are easy and host friendly because they can be made in advance and are easy to serve. Fresh lemonade served during the hot summer is simply delicious and refreshing.It is also an excellent mixer and great for serving kids. If batch cocktails are not for you, then greet your guests outdoors with popsicles served with Prosecco or try your favorite hard seltzer. You can also support your local brewery with a mini keg or variety of IPAs and craft beers. For the whiskey lovers, create a tasting flight of several types of American made “whiskey trail” whiskeys.

  2. Decorate exterior of your home or condo balcony with an American Flag and patriotic banners.All over America, this is the most popular way to pay your respects to our nation’s independence. Amazon is a great source for all types of indoor and outdoor décor and with fast delivery for Prime members. These seasonal decorations are easy to store and use annually.
  3. Create a patriotic music playlist or find a cool digital station in your favorite genre. In all types of entertaining, music sets the tone and enhances the mood.Whether you curate your own music or have a favorite station, music is a might have. If you love eclectic reggae, check out my favorite station, Fat Freddys Drop on Pandora Radio. I promise, you will thank me!
  4. Kids? Make it fun, outdoors and active! If you have a pool, great! If not, create a water park outside with a bubble machine, sprinklers, and inflatables that attach to sprinklers. If you have a lot of kids, set up age appropriate games and crafts, such as a tie dye t-shirt station, to keep them busy. Sidewalk chalk goes a long way too! Pro Tip: It’s a great idea to set up a small amenity basket with sunscreen, bug spray, wipes and bandages.
  5. FIREWORKS!Of course, we can’t forget the grand finale of the day – fireworks! If you can view them from your home or balcony, great. If not, you can set up to watch them live on your big screen TV. Remember to buy plenty of sparklers for the kids!

However you choose to celebrate this July 4thholiday at home, keeping it safe and simple, making sure you can be relaxed and enjoy the day along with your guests, is the goal!

Upgrade hot dogs by serving them in slices
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