Creating a Lifestyle

LegacyFit brings fitness to Wynwood

Manning Sumner, lead trainer of LegacyFi

Tucked away down a small side street on a dead end in Wynwood’s industrial district is an unlikely place to find a world-class fitness training facility. Yet that’s exactly what one will find on NE 24th Street just west of Biscayne Boulevard.

LegacyFit, which is owned and operated by Mark Gordon and lead trainer Manning Sumner, is a diamond in the rough of a burgeoning area that is gradually redefining itself through the efforts of forward thinking business owners like Sumner.

“It’s very hard to find outdoor space in Miami and I needed a location where I could bring clients outside and then immediately bring them back inside,” says Sumner, “and that is exactly what I was able to build in this warehouse space.”

The private facility is the training center for NFL and NBA athletes along with non-professional athletes, housewives and weekend warriors who appreciate an intimate and state-of-art environment.
Sumner, a former college football player at Auburn University, holds a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

“There are three of us who train here and we each have a degree in Exercise Science. We have a professional fighter who is versed in mixed martial arts as well as another ex-football player. We do sessions with up to four clients at a time and stress a team mentality. Our clients feel that they are a part of something.”

Sessions include a variety of exercises designed for the client’s individual needs. Inside, the facility has Olympic platforms, bands, ropes and sleds along with free weights, machines and a cardio lounge that features XBOX and Wii.

LegacyFit gym in Miami's Wynwood District

“It’s about creating a lifestyle. We want our clients to feel that this is home.”

Outside there are tractor tires, sledge hammers, hurdles and a half court basketball area that is colored in Gator blue and orange.

“I hate the Gators,” says Sumner jokingly. “I played football for Auburn! But I did color research and learned that blue is calming and orange is energetic and when you combine the two, it’s perfect for training.”

Individuals interested in checking out LegacyFit can come to Saturday boot camp for only $20. The 35 minute session features a circuit training routine that utilizes all of the facility’s assets. Manning is also holding an open house on Thursday, March 19 at noon.

LegacyFit is truly impressive and is a yet another positive step in the transformation of our city’s industrial district. For more information about LegacyFit, check it out online at, or call Manning at 305-799-0850 to schedule an appointment.

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