Dance, Dance Miami

Arthur Murray Arrives on Brickell

By Amanda Del Duca

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Want to dance like the stars?

Learn to salsa?

Or want more rhythmic confidence on the dance floor?

Well, Arthur Murray Dance Studio has arrived on Brickell Avenue, so break out those dancing shoes and learn how move.

The decision to open a studio on Brickell Avenue was an easy one, said Adrian Persad, director and franchisee.

“Brickell is the new heart of Miami. Anyone and anything that is happening right now is on Brickell,” he said.

The studio will be running opening specials that include personalized packages for all your dancing needs. Each Arthur Murray dance studio offers instruction in the world’s most recognizable dances such as salsa, samba, cha-cha, rumba, swing, tango, waltz, and foxtrot. The Arthur Murray-Miami studio will provide these classics plus classes that celebrate Miami’s unique and vibrant culture.

“The most popular dances are the salsa, a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances, and the merengue, a Dominican dance that is simple to learn but very passionate and erotic,” Persad said.

But classes at Arthur Murray aren’t only about ballroom dancing and learning the right steps. Classes teach overall rhythm, confidence and the ability to freestyle.

“Many people come in wanting to learn to dance for a certain event but they end up staying because they realize how prevalent social dancing is in Miami culture,” Persad said.

The largest and longest running dance studio in the world has locations all over the US and Canada as well locations in Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Italy and more worldwide. Arthur Murray dance studios started in 1913 and have taught stars to dance or have instructors who have danced in films such as Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing II, Dance with Me, Beautician and the Beast, Flash Dance, An American President, True Lies, Saturday Night Fever and Scent of a Woman.

Persad said the studio’s success is a result of persistent attention to detail, unique teaching methods and updating with the times.

The Arthur Murray three-way teaching system involving personal sessions, group sessions and practice parties is part of their distinctive and highly successful teaching approach. The first session is a complimentary personal meeting where the instructor tailors a program package to best fit the individuals or couple’s goals and desires. Group sessions are matched according to level of experience and the practice parties are a unique opportunity to practice dancing at a party.

Arthur Murray’s unique teaching methods and talented staff prepare you for any event or situation that involves music. Whether it’s a wedding, cruise, bar mitzvah or club, Arthur Murray instruction is designed to adapt to all social dance settings.

Arthur Murray-Miami is located 1060 Brickell Ave and their telephone number is 305-372-1170. So, don’t delay. Take the steps to learn the steps that’ll keep you dancing like a star.

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