Danielle at Home

Danielle Stiglitch toasts her husband Sergio in Spanish

“OH NO!” My gut reaction when I plan an event at my house, it’s never been my thing. Sergio, my Peruvian husband of 23 years will soon turn 50 and prefers to celebrate at our home. My mother-in-law has booked her flight from Lima to Miami so now I had no choice.

Sergio took action, picked up his phone , contacted a Peruvian caterer and asked a DJ if he was free on May 24th.Then he looked at me and said, “See how easy that was. Caterer hired, music booked,the party is ready to go.”Next day I met the caterer and told her to serve the best of what she makes on her menu, and to include Pisco Sour cocktails.

As the sun began to set, my worries began to slowly drift away as each guest arrived bringing spirits of joy into my home. While the delicious food was being passed around and devoured by all, I grabbed the microphone to say a few words. I spoke in Spanish even though my sisters and some friends didn’t understand, it just came naturally. I focused on how truly grateful I was for my husband. I mentioned how Sergio manages to train daily and make it back on time to kiss his girls before they get on the bus. He inspires me everyday and as I held the microphone and stared into his eyes, it was the exact moment I knew it was all worth it.

Danielle Stiglich, Sandra Millán-Morris, Angela Podolla, Carina Gomez , Valentina Ruiz , Lilian Aceves
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