Driven to Dine

Benefits Florida Heart Research Institute

Hostess Bunny Bastian with official chef jacket

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Departure Location: Private Home TBA
305-674-3020, Ext. 5823

Driven to Dine is the original event of its kind. The evening begins with a reception held at a private estate on Saturday, April 13. While guests enjoy a sumptuous cocktail party and live auction, a representative from each group of eight will select a sealed envelope that reveals the name of one of South Florida’s top restaurants and chefs where your Driven to Dine limo group will dine. Guests depart in their luxurious limousines to a mystery restaurant for a fabulous multi-course dinner, paired with fine wines.

Fausto Diaz-Oliver, Remedios Diaz-Oliver, Lilliam Machado, Gus Machado
After a gourmet dining experience, limos will return guests to the home where they began their adventure, and VIP goodie bags will be distributed to each guest. Bring your own limo group or join a group being put together. The cost is $5,000 per limo or $625 per person.

For more information, visit or call 305-674-3020.

About Florida Heart Research Institute

Our mission is to stop heart disease through research, education and prevention. We conduct free cardiovascular screenings for the underserved and uninsured throughout Florida, concentrating in the South Florida area. We also provide corporate wellness programs at a fee-for-service cost. We sponsor several professional awards and educational seminars throughout the state.

Standing: Mary Jean Mella, Annabel Adams, Joe Ann Batcheller, Elizabeth Whalen; Standing: David Batcheller and Michael Whalen
Florida Heart Research Institute is the official State of Florida “stop heart disease” license plate, proving we are truly driven to stop heart disease.

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