Eradicating Hate and Bigotry

Sue Miller chairs Arsht Center’s Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project

Philanthropist Sue Miller

Philanthropist Sue Miller has been named to chair the Arsht Center’s LIGHT / THE HOLOCAUST & HUMANITY PROJECT steering committee. The project is a community-wide awareness initiative promoting the protection of human rights against bigotry and hate through the arts, education and public dialogue. For more information on LIGHT / THE HOLOCAUST & HUMANITY PROJECT, please visit:

SocialMiami caught up with Sue to learn what propelled her to get involved.

What is the Holocaust and Humanity Project?

The Arsht Center took a very bold step in creating this project. It’s a series of events designed to eradicate hate and bigotry. We must not forget the era of the Holocaust and this project can inspire people to action.

Our goal is to create a society of tolerance and respect. When you are a member of the community, you cannot let bad things that happen pass you by.

Martin Luther King once said, “Each new Day begins to end when we remain silent about anything.”

The project culminates on November 3rd and 4th with a performance of Ballet Austin’s “Light/The Holocaust and Humanity Project.”

Tell us about the performance by Ballet Austin.
Steven Mills is a Dallas-based choreographer. I invited him to a small luncheon this summer and he came and introduced his ideals. He showed clips of the ballet to committee and brought the group to tears.

Steven is not Jewish and originally did not feel that he was qualified to do the project, but the people in Dallas put him touch with a 91 year old Holocaust survivor and he delved into the history.

He took the project to Israel and it was very well-received and Steven decided to spread the artistic wealth of the project and bring it to other cities. The ballet creates a strong awareness of negative aspects of our society.

Why did you decide to chair the project?

John Richard presented it to me and the ballet immediately caught my attention. I am proud that the Arsht Center has undertaken such a wonderful cause and I am a great proponent of the message. It’s great to deliver a message to the community through the arts.

I like to be involved in making a change. We want to connect the people in the community to a common goal and create a city that solves problems. In today’s society, there is no room for bigotry and bullying. We cannot turn our back on crucial issues.

What other groups have you worked with in Miami?

I’ve dedicated my life to the United Way for 35 years and that is all about humanity.

When you are involved with people who want to have a positive impact in the immediate community, you have a bond with those people and something in common with them. We must eradicate hate and bigotry.

We who care for the community – no matter what the affiliation – are always trying to create an inclusive community that is bonded by tolerance and understanding.

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