Fare Play: The Food at Marlins Park is Miami

From La Pepa: Frito pie
Hey baseball fans, it’s opening week for the Miami Marlins but you may not want to buy any peanuts and Cracker Jacks. That’s because Marlins Park has teamed up with a slew of restaurants serving fare that’s packed with Miami flavors and prepared by local, homegrown eateries. That’s right, this season at the stadium – under the leadership of Derek Jeter – Fish fans can find items such as pork tacos, empanadas, chicken and bubble waffles and pressed Cuban sandwiches – all from the places that make up Miami’s famed culinary landscape.
From Miami's Best Pizza: Pepperoni pizza

“When it comes to the food, we want people to feel as though they’re in Miami,” says Jeter. “We wanted to capture the diversity, the flavor and the energy of the city.”
From SuVIche: Interpretive sushi

To that end, from Le Pepa, which began as a spin-off of Jose Andres’ Pepe food truck, you can get butifarra sausage sandwiches and Frito Pie topped with Spanish iberico pork chili and idiazabal cheese sauce. From Pincho – the Latin kitchen with locations around Miami – there’s hormone free chuck hamburgers with unique branded sauces. Remember Miami’s Best Pizza? It’s back and now better with baseball, topped with pepperoni or plain cheese. And from the Carvery on Lincoln Road, find pastrami sandwiches with swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye. There’s more, including sweets such as rolled sweet cereal pretzels and bubble waffle cracker-jack sundaes.
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