FitBit Miami Marathon Breaks Records, Brings Tears and Supports the City

Cristina Mas and Mayor Francis Suarez

When a city as spread out as Miami takes on a race the size of the Life Time’s 17th annual iconic FitBit Miami Marathon, you know we’re all in store for magical moments. Just last Sunday, on January 27th, this amazing event brought over 20,000 people to Mana Wynwood for two days of Expo and Bayfront Park on Race Day. Countless hours and hundreds of volunteers worked diligently to ensure that our city gave all runners the best experience possible, and it’s hard to imagine that anyone was less than elated.

Runners traveled from all over the world to break records here. That’s right: not Boston, not New York, but Miami. Just as exciting – if not more — were those runners last to cross the finish line but who were beaming with personal accomplishment. That includes a young girl – by sight perhaps less than 12 years old — who was told she would never walk. We all cried and clapped and watched her collect a well-deserved medal. It was for me the most emotional moment of the day.
It was a huge honor to spend my morning with city officials, including Mayor Francis Suarez who this year ran the half marathon with Prince Royce by his side. Commissioner Eileen Higgins was also there, bringing energy and enthusiasm. “I’ve supported this event for years” she said.

Judy Adler and Rachel Shapiro in the VIP Experience at the Expo

The momentum that day was high, however, even before dawn and as we closely watched the weather before we were able to welcome a true Miami miracle of sunshine, that’s despite the forecast calling for a 100 percent chance of rain. (Perhaps that’s just a wink from our climate’s endearing personality…) ….CONTINUED……

Cristina Mas and Rabbi Jonathan Fisch

Cristina Mas and production coordinator Dani Dellarco

I’ve run a half-marathon before though this year my consulting firm CIM Consulting coordinated the entire the “Life Time VIP Experience, presented by Technogym,” and quite frankly I’m not sure which feat was more challenging! Orchestrating even the temporary fate of tens of thousands of humans was tricky but the results far outweighed the effort. From managing the entire VIP experience at Expo to the VIP cocktail party on Friday Night and then there was the VIP gear check at the start line, not to mention the VIP Finish Tent, we went over every detail to ensure that every runner had a great experience.

The thing about this marathon is everyone is a VIP. You can see people achieving goals, and their friends and family are waiting at the finish line with signs showing their love, passing them their babies to cross the finish line with them. The energy, the emotions of watching people push themselves harder than they ever imagined, it changes you. 2019 Miami Marathon, you were great — see you in 2020!