Fontainebleau Miami Beach

Restaurants and Spa

Gotham Steak at the Fontainebleau

La Cote

Inspired by the Cote d’Azur, this two level bistro situated beach and poolside offers cuisine from the South of France in the upper level, and a lively bar where cocktails, tapas, and snacks are served in the most fashionable of manners.


Pan-American cuisine infused with Floridian, Mexican, Peruvian, Argentinean, Brazilian, and Caribbean layers of flavor. This spot will provide a multi-sensory dinning experience for any schedule (quick meal or social dinning experience.)


This place is for the guest on the GO! Right by the entrance of the pool, Fresh offers the quintessential American favorites: burgers, hotdogs, and pizza by the slice. You can also find hot and cold beverages. And if you start feeling the heat, creamy gelato is on the menu.


Adjacent to the lobby you will find the pastry shop where gold and silver are not only statements of décor but edibles too. The café offers the best of quality coffees, cappuccinos, teas, and juices non-stop. During morning hours, there is a selection of divine pastries which progresses to more hardy offerings as the day unfolds: sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

NOTE: Solo also offer the famous cakes, traditional to Fontainebleau history since the 1950’s; brought back to life by Jean-Marie Auboine (Executive Pastry Chef) and Syvain Bortolini (Assistant Pastry Chef.)

Blade Sushi Bar

Hot, red, sexy, sophisticated lust; where mouthwatering sushi dishes are encouraged to be shared in an atmosphere of fun exchange by all guests. Blade’s poolside area speckled with cabanas features fresh sushi caught daily. The sake list and variety of drinks seal the deal for a night of sensational encounters with new and old friends!

Lapis Spa

Richard Sadeki’s two level design of the perfect spa haven in the Fontainebleau brings together the healing powers of nature for all. Water, being the essential source of life, plays the focal point in restoring and renewing the most battered of soldiers. Throughout the 40,000 square foot spa, mineral rich water in the forms of mist, rain, and steam sooths and heals.

The spa includes 30 private treatment rooms, a co-ed pool, and lounge area. Old age techniques using earth energy and the latest contemporary technology in spa treatments harmoniously come together, creating a communal sanctuary for all the needs of the self.

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