Girls on Rolls: Yuliia Faist

The founder of the Power of Goodness foundation and the coordinator of the Miami Loves Ukraine program speaks to us in her own words.

Yuliia Faist is a founder of the Power of Goodness foundation and the coordinator of the Miami Loves Ukraine program. Her journey, she says, has been one of deep commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by the crisis in Ukraine, particularly children and families. As a member of the Girls on Rolls club, Faist has “found a big joy in being surrounded by incredible women who share a passion for philanthropy and the elegance of Rolls-Royce, turning our shared interests into avenues for meaningful change,” she says.  “I firmly believe in the power of strong women supporting one another.”

This principle, says Faist, has guided her efforts in organizing events like the Festive Fashion Soirée, which blended the glamour of high fashion with the spirit of giving, benefiting over 200 temporarily relocated Ukrainian children during the holiday season. Through collaborations with luxury brands and community businesses, she’s managed to turn these gatherings into sources of hope and joy.

Faist is a TV host and Mrs. Ukraine International 2021 1st runner-up, which have provided platforms to amplify the causes about which she cares. She is dedicated to volunteering in education for underprivileged women and children and leveraging her background in finance to maximize the impact. She’s chaired fundraising events for the Fisher Island Day School Galas and the Fisher Island Hat Luncheons, which celebrate community and mobilize support for crucial educational initiatives and, she says, align with her commitment to enriching lives through education.

“These experiences, combining social engagement with charitable work,” says Faist, “have been fulfilling and inspiring, driving my unwavering dedication to empowering the underprivileged and fostering a community of generosity and support.”

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