Good Style Begins with Grooming

Sam Saboura Talks South Florida Style

By Amanda Del Duca

When it comes to creating personal style, Sam Saboura is considered the go-to-guy for advice on outfitting men. Beginning his career as the personal shopper at the famed Fred Segal in LA, he became known for his impeccable style dressing A-list stars including Jude Law, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Aerosmith.

Saboura touched down in Miami as a spokesperson for The Art of Shaving Skeptics Guide to Better Living, a collection of expert advice on subjects men are interested in but are skeptical about. “Men are some of the biggest skeptics out there, always questioning the value and meaning of things whether it’s the cost of designer shirts or the value of achieving a second degree,” he said.

As the guide’s style expert, Saboura gives prescriptive advice that is straight to the point and easy to manage. His first recommendation is to stay well-groomed and to dress for the weather. In Miami where skin is always in, keeping up personal hygiene is a must when sporting a light wardrobe for the sunny climate. Saboura recommends that men should strive for a look that is authentic – appropriate for the warm weather, comfortable and a compliment to the man wearing it. Men’s fashion is about looking polished and effortless, men shouldn’t look over processed or as if they are trying too hard. Even while dressing in designer labels, men should look real and unfussy, he said.

While experimenting with personal style, Saboura suggests drawing inspiration from a favorite celebrity or from the catalogues of favorite stores. Identifying a style you prefer will guide future purchases and act as a starting point to deciding what you already own or what shopping items are needed to get the look. “You don’t have to be a copycat or get too literal. Just get inspired and then, get dressed!” he said.

Saboura’s easy approach to fashion, along with his dynamic personality was a Hollywood secret until 2003 when the stylist to the stars was cast as the host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover. On the show, the super stylist led a team of professionals who transformed the looks and lives of individuals throughout the country. The transition from dressing celebrities to average Americans on Extreme Makeover was a rewarding challenge, he said. “It’s easy to make a size two model look good when part of their occupation requires being fit and camera ready. Styling people in their real lives without the glitz and glamour is more of a challenge,” he said.

For Saboura, the process of helping people reach an ultimate version of self is a lifelong mission and passion. Part of the reason he started his career styling men was for the prospect of more influence and a greater transformation. Men have fewer apprehensions about fashion, like body image issues, that women commonly harbor. “Working with men can be more fulfilling because of their openness to advice and participation, “he said.

Throughout his career Saboura has dressed men and women for both the red carpet and for everyday life, using his incredible range of experiences he gives style advice that is simple and can better your life. Ready to begin your style transformation? Saboura suggests a custom, complimentary shave from the Art of Shaving with any purchase until May 6. “Good style begins with grooming,” he said.

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