Grand Debut

Million dollar Plensa sculptures line South Bay Shore Drive

David Martin and Jorge Perez hosted the grand debut of Park Grove under a giant tent erected at the development site.

Attendees had the opportunity to be among the first to view International contemporary artist Jaume Plensa’s series of three color-shifting resin figures, set atop 35-foot stainless steel poles. The internally-lit figures, titled The Poets in Bordeaux (Body Soul God, Country, Water Fire), are positioned on the highly visible grounds of the enclave at 2701 South Bayshore Drive.

Attendees also got the opportunity to meet Colin Cowie, the acclaimed event producer who has been commissioned by the Terra Group and The Related Group to collaborate with interior design star Peter Silling as brand curator in the creation of the million dollar, white-glove service and amenities program at Park Grove.

Pictured: Colin Cowie
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Site Specific Performance Series – Recap

November’s Site Specific Performance Series featured three diverse performances in three Design District locations. The presentation focused its efforts along the west side of the Miami Design District on North Miami Avenue.

The evening began on a beautiful note, as the New World Symphony’s brass musicians played amongst the works of artist Rob Pruitt on the third floor of the de la Cruz Collection. From there, the crowd headed one block south to a storage space next to Harry’s Pizza, where The Project [theatre] presented a scene from US Drag by Gina Gionfriddo. The evening concluded at Oliver Sanchez’s renowned SwampSpace, where David Rohn’s Homo-Sapiens presented Kamel-Bak, a multi-media performance piece that explored the Judeo- Christian / Islamic clash. The piece was interactive and wild.

Click through to see photos and video from the evening.

Pictured: Ana Garcia and Marissa Alma Nick
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Hollub Homes Presents: Opening Nights

SocialMiami covered the Locust Projects opening night for Welcome to the Future by Daniel Arsham. The daring installation is sure to be the talk of Art Basel/Miami Art Week.

Arsham’s installation replicates an architectural dig in the gallery’s floor and holds thousands of calcified artifacts of 20th century media devices, including boom boxes, electric guitars, cameras, blackberries, Nintendo controllers, VHS tapes, Walkmans, film projectors, etc. all rendered in crystal, volcanic ash and other minerals. The trench presents the recent past as archeology, a world of technological objects whose obsolescence was built into their design, preserved like petrified wood or the figures of Pompeii.

Pictured: Laura Sheridan Raiffe and Julie Wright
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