High Brow

Go Thick - Be Bold

Stealing a minute with your reflection in natural light can be quite the self-actualizing experience, one that’s capable of propelling the beauty conscious Miami woman into a vampire’s existence, ensuring that the unforgiving sunrays never expose such harsh realities again.

Okay, perhaps this scenario is a bit exaggerated; a nocturnal life in sunny Miami would be far more tragic than the potential imperfections exposed by the sun. It is summertime, however, and every detail of your glorious visage must be properly groomed -especially the eyebrows. Nothing is worse than realizing that the brows you saw in the bathroom mirror don’t quite holdup poolside at The Standard.

The maintenance and shaping of eyebrows is a part of a woman’s beauty regime that is often only noticed by others when done badly. As the only hair acceptable on a woman’s face, eyebrow grooming and proper upkeep is of upmost importance. The brow can make or break a look and shaping them properly can give strong structure to your face or be contoured to allow other features to shine.

Too often is a once full brow left at near extinction from a session with a pair of tweezers and a vanity mirror. Avoid the drama of a beauty emergency and leave the shaping to a professional who will give you that perfect arch in 15 minutes. Before making an appointment, however, deciding on a certain shape or style will help achieve the best results.

There are many different types of eyebrows and not every style works on every woman. Consider the shape of your face and the reality of your appearance. It isn’t practical to have a thick, bushy brow like Brooke Shields when you look more like Gwyneth Paltrow. Look through magazines for inspiration or at celebrities with similar facial attributes as examples or starting points.

For 2010 the eyebrow trends seen on the runway are statement looks that are bold and beautiful. Models on the Chanel runway sported a thick, bushy brow that looks very natural and effortlessly pretty. Prada showed a completely different look that is discreetly shocking, a yellow brow. Is that why the vermillion lips really pop? Chanel’s Paris-Shanghai Beauty collection showed a very strong and painted brow that is fiercely sexy and very bold. Style icon Victoria Beckham is currently channeling this dark thick brow along with Camilla Belle and Beyonce Knowles.

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