Leon and Serena Simkins

Humanitarian Chairmen of Golden Angels Gala 2008

All parents want good health for their children and grandchildren. But when one of them needs medical treatment, it is reassuring to know that Miami’s Jackson Memorial Health Center (Jackson) is there. This renowned Miami hospital excels in many areas of medicine and research, and thanks to the generosity of benefactors like Leon and Serena Simkins, Jackson is continuously getting better.

Leon and Serena understood first-hand the significance of this distinguished hospital in Miami when one of their grandchildren was born with an epilepsy-related syndrome that required specialized medical attention. The excellent care provided by Jackson’s Holtz Children’s Hospital is a primary reason that Leon and Serena continue to be major donors.

Leon is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Chairman and President of Simkins Industries, a folding carton and glassine paper manufacturing company operating in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Serena is originally from Detroit and moved to South Florida in 1991. A consummate homemaker, Serena enjoys carpooling four of her grandchildren and their classmates to Hillel School. She’s also a gourmet cook, prolific knitter and a fierce bridge player.

The Simkins’ generosity to local charities is well documented. Through the Leon J. Simkins Charitable Foundation, Leon and Serena have actively participated in funding medical research and improving the lives of sick and developmentally disabled children in our community.

Leon and Serena are also members of both the Jackson Memorial/UM Banyan Society for Project: Newborn and the Jackson Memorial Foundation’s Golden Angels at the Silver Seraphim level.

On January 26, Leon and Serena will be Humanitarian Chairmen of Jackson Memorial Foundation Golden Angels Gala 2008. One of the most anticipated charity events of the season, the Gala will take place for the first time on the grounds of the Jackson Memorial Medical Center campus.

For information on how to contribute to the Jackson Memorial Health Center, go to www.jhsmiami.org.

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