Miami Boat Show Celebrated At River Yacht Club

Dsquared2 owners and creative directors Dean and Dan Caten hosted an exclusive cocktail party at the newly opened River Yacht Club. Local socialites joined yacht builders, designers and VIPs for a lavish celebration of the Miami International Boat Show. In attendance were Lea & Roy Black, Christina Getty Maercks, Lisa Sayfie, Fabien & Martina Basabe, Lorena & Evelio Gomez, Rene Ruiz, Larry & Molly Austin, Anton Katz and Shari Liu, Lisa Cortes and Emmanuel Sebag, Amanda Church and Cesar Gueikian, Dr Julio Gallo, Barry Brodsky, TJ Jermouluk, Espen Oieno, Sabrina Monteleone, Lamberto Tacoli and Elaine Spottswood. Pictured: Lea Black, Lisa Cortes, Shari Liu, Dan Caten, Elaine Hernandez, Dean Caten, Christina Getty, Amanda Church.

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