Miami City Ballet Celebrates World Premiere of Heatscape

Miami City Ballet celebrated the upcoming world premiere of Heatscape with a private party in the Brazilian Courtyard at Café Boulud. The private soiree provided an opportunity for board members and major donors to meet and mingle with the famed choreographer Justin Peck, along with Miami City Ballet Artistic Director Lourdes Lopez and several MCB dancers. The champagne-filled garden party was attended by 50 special guests and donors, including Roni Okun with Jerry Goldsmith; Rosalee Davison with Richard Davison; Malka Fingold; Ann Fromer with Robert Fromer; Miriam Flamm; Nina Albert with William Albert; Madeline and Stephen Anbinder; Lisa Huertas; Patricia Lowry with Judge Jim Hopkins; Michael Schultz; Jennifer Meyerberg; Rena Blades; James Peppelman and Darlene Dzuba of PNC; Ammanda and Jeffrey Salzman; Jay and Nancy Parker; Meg and Jay Axelrod; David and Louise Gitlitz; Marissa Hollander; Margot and Alan London; MCB Executive Director Michael Scolamiero and Director of Development Eva Silverstein.

Photos by Kim Zuccaro/Capehart Photography+

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