Miami Liftoff: Carlos Hernandez

This local is launching a big career in comedy.

Carlos Hernandez – a Miami comedian, writer and performer who this season appeared on American Idol – is hosting his first solo show at the Miami Improv. The comedy extravaganza, as the venue describes it, comes on the heels of Hernandez’ widespread attention from several influential directions. Not only did he — as his alter-ego “Yurisbel” — perform a Pitbull song in front of Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. But his video on the TikTok platform in which he speaks Spanish in a slew of accents has 7 million views and counting. He performs stand-up around Miami and is a content creator for “Only in Dade,” which is widely broadcast on every social media platform. Hernandez’ podcast Dr. Bros is on Spotify. Oh, and in his spare time Hernandez is a cyber security expert holding a dual bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in both management information systems and cyber security and networks.

About the Miami Improv show: The theme is If-the-Tonight-Show-Were-in-Miami. I’ll be the host but I’ll also do stand up, freestyle hip-hop, improv comedy and I’ll play my sketches on a video screen. There will be a band and Yurisbel will be the musical guest.

About Yurisbel: He was a character I created for improv shows at Just the Funny theater. A friend who produces television called looking for tiny entertaining moments for American Idol. I can’t sing I know that, so I played Yurisbel and made him a Cuban reggatonero. I’m Cuban so it was an extension of myself. I auditioned for the executive producers in my garage and they sent me to San Diego, where I’d perform in front of the judges. I had to prepare mentally to stay in character the whole time; with the hotel staff, the producers, the other contestants. I channeled Sacha Baron Cohen who played “Borat.” It was an acting job, a cool performance art experience. I got 10 minutes of air time, the most of any contestant that episode. The winner of the whole contest got only seven. I got cut in the next round, and rightly so.

Getting started in comedy: I’ve always wanted to perform, SNL was my bible, so I took acting classes but they didn’t speak to me. I enrolled in Just the Funny Theater and the next year, became a cast member. Shortly after that, I started teaching. That with rehearsals, and performances, I was there almost every night.

Miami Improv presents CAHRLOS LIVE, Thursday July 1st, 8 p.m., 3450 NW 83rd Ave #224, Doral, FL 33122.

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