Foodie Find: MILA Boozy Brunch

The scene for this culinary journey is tropical, sophisticated and stylish.

Boozy brunch at MILA (photo courtesy of MILA)

Transport yourself – and your sexiest companions — to a scene more tropical, more sophisticated and even more sultry than Miami Beach — despite that being the very location of MILA, where Sunday brunch is so stylishly served. On a Lincoln Road rooftop, the newly-opened yet thoroughly-packed hot spot boasts a deck resounding the steamy sounds of a Sunday DJ. There, the even the sun is doing its best to shine, begging through the roof slats to join the well-dressed crowd that’s both seating and lounging among the stone, the copper tables, the towering trees and – perhaps most prolifically – the silver standing buckets of ice cooling champagne or rose.

MILA’s brunch philosophy, the restaurant says, is inspired by Asian and Mediterranean cultures, embracing the importance of slowing down and enjoying the moment. The menu is a two-hour multi-course experience during which diners are served a generous selection of dishes, all meant to be shared at the table and which can be re-ordered upon request.

Santa Teresa 1796 is the chosen aperitif for this culinary journey.

Before selecting the Champagne package – over Rosé — we opted for a glass of Santa Teresa 1796 with one oversized ice cube. The Venezuelan rum has notes of toffee, oak and coffee and can be sipped straight – without any filling mixers – making it the perfect aperitif upon which to begin a daytime culinary journey.

This particular voyage begins with specialties from the sea that are light and fresh with thoughtful preparation. The branzino tataki is smoky, with soy glaze and aioli, while the shrimp cocktail is anything but traditional, here with olive oil, olives and lemon. There’s also soba noodle salad with artichoke, pesto and white goma and the kale salad with a micro version of the green, big chunks of avocado and delightful sweet moments stemming from grapes and raisons.

On the sushi menu, all the important varieties make an ample appearance. There’s salmon maki, spicy tuna maki, spicy Hamachi maki and vegetable maki. There’s also selections of nigiri and sashimi.

Nigiri sushi selection

MILA also nods to the dishes diners might expect this time of day. Avocado pounded with spices and topped with green and red onions is served alongside crusty farmhouse bread. And eggs benedict is prepared with bellota ham, a brioche bun and blood orange hollandaise.

Fresh avocado with thick, farmhouse bread

In leaning over toward it’s promise, there’s also Mediterranean and Asian selections. Blistered shishito peppers with tosazu miso, robata lame kofte with herbed yoghurt sauce and crispy brussels sprouts with honey-soy balsamic glaze.

Shishido peppers

The included entrees are extravagant. Try short rib with bone on kalbi, sweet-spicy soy glazed salmon or satay-glazed Green Circle chicken breast with pickles. But even so, there’s an overdrive option of miso-marinated Chilean seabass, beef tenderloin or king crab.

Sweet-spicy soy glazed salmon

Dessert is an occasion in itself. The tray arrives with a selection of fruit, sorbet, mousse and meringue. There’s also pastry and cake, including a flaky baklava and a buttery pound.

MILA rooftop

About Santa Teresa 1776

 Blends up to 35 years aged in bourbon oak barrels.
Further aged through the artisanal Solera.
Dry, smooth and balanced rum.
Amber red and rich of thick tears.
Can be sipped on the rocks.
Can be mixed into a Manhattan (2 parts rum, 1 part Martini & Rossi rosso, 3 dashes Angostura bitters.)
Can be mixed as a Negroni (1 1/4 parts rum, 1 part MARTINI Rubino, 1 part MARTINI bitter.)

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