Money, Love, Diamonds & Chocolate

Duchamp Jewelers in the Ritz-Carlton South Beach hosted a breakfast and tell-all discussion on money and marriage featuring economist and financial reporter, Brett Graff. In a cozy corner of the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, Graff introduced a slew of scientific findings that enlightened even the most blissful of spouses. Weighing in was a panel of experts including clinical psychologist Dr. Ronda Fuchs, finance expert Andrew Menachem, and society columnist Daisy Olivera — all of whom either work with or watch Miami’s most glamorous couples. Of course, many of them were there, sipping coffee, nibbling on breakfast treats and looking stylish. Included among the crowd: Gisela Lowenstein, Amada Echeverria, Angela Barco and Wendy Safchik. Hosts Coralie and Patrick Duchamp were right on hand, showcasing their collection of diamonds, sapphires, pearls that are creatively displayed in unique designs.

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