Nespresso Boutique Opening

The Nespresso Boutique on Lincoln Road celebrated its opening in grande Miami fashion. Special guests included: Francis Krempp, Lead Architect, Nespresso Boutique, polo star Nacho Figueras (Pictured), Miami Beach commissioners Jorge Exposito and Michael Gongora, Bruce Orosz, Michelle Klinger of Musicians on Call, Alan Lieberman, Michael Capponi, Trudy and Alan Courey, Amanda and Mark Tamis, Criselda Breene, Iran Issa Khan, Christina Getty Maercks and Arin Maercks, Stephanie Sayfie Aagaard and Morten Aagaard, Suzy Buckley, Fredric Dechnik, Greg Lotus, Robert Wennett, Mario Cader French, Karla Dascal and Frank Amadeo.

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