New Internet Community for Collectors of Contemporary Art

The Managing Directors of Independent Collectors, above; Uwe Thomas, Christian Schwarm, and Ulrich Grothe (L-R). Below, a screen shot of

At, global art scene collectors can interact with each other about their greatest passion. Since its launch more than 660 collectors from almost 50 countries have registered. 1,450 artworks from private collections from all over the world can be viewed and more than 600 galleries worldwide can be characterized.

The website provides experienced, as well as new collectors, young and old, the ultimate platform to exchange information about their collections and gives them the opportunity to network internationally and benefit from the advantages of the Internet. also enables collectors to maintain and expand personal contacts, to talk about their passion for art, or about their favorite artist, and to present their own collection online.

The platform’s functionality was designed specifically with the collector’s needs in mind. A personal profile, created during registration, includes basic personal data like hometown and country. Users can then add to this profile by indicating their art preferences and include photos of their personal collection. How much information shared, and whether or not the profile should give their real name or an anonymous membership number, is up to the individual user. Registered collectors can then search for others living in the same city or collecting the same artist. Building up a personal network and discussing relevant topics becomes easier than ever.

At the same time, collectors have the opportunity to rate the galleries with which they have done business or had experiences. Collectors can also rate galleries according to the following criteria: pioneering, reliability, pleasantness, level of establishment and recommendable.

Half a year and several hundred ratings later, an international roster of around 150 galleries has been rated sufficiently to allow for a first preliminary analysis. The result is not only a proof of concept, it also promises a new and powerful resource for collectors the world over.

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