Nothing to Wear?

The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style by Francesca Belluomini

Nothing to wear? Chances are after you read “The Cheat Sheet of Italian Style” by Francesca Belluomini, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know and will find just what you need in your own closet.

Francesca Belluomini, a fashionable Italian living in America, has dedicated her career to fashion and style. She will show you how to escape an uninspiring wardrobe by embracing Italian style and always looking pulled together, fashion-wise. You’ll learn how to adapt your look to Italian style and curate a chic wardrobe. Following the “Cheat Sheet of Italian Style” you’ll overcome the lurking obstacles that cause a wardrobe to crash.

Francesca shares her problem solvers:

Timeless – “Style is not aspirational and Italian style is a free falling experience. Italian style will percolate through the cracks of everyday life to become your own personal curator.”

Sustainable – How to frugally curate. If you ignore trends, fashion automatically becomes less intimidating, expensive and imperative, and more like a canvas. Looking good and being well-dressed is a balance of taste and brains.

Confidence – Decide what message you want to convey with what you wear, and why you feel good when you look good. Your own taste and sense of appropriateness, preferences, attributes, moods and current lifestyle come first, and you need to own them with intelligence, passion, determination and a great dose of humor.

Quality – Italian style doesn’t discriminate among those who wear luxury and those who don’t. Quality is what jumpstarts you to a mind of luxury, as luxury becomes a state of mind. It means owning your personal style, feeling appropriate and at ease, regardless.

Style – There’s no equating style with how much money you wear in an outfit. Style moves hand-in-hand with personal taste, making it a process of self-discovery as you make your way through your closet.

Francesca Belluomini is a fashion veteran and an unapologetic style savant. Originally from Viareggio, Tuscany, she has lived in Miami long enough to know not to blink when peacocks cross the street. Her career and personal life choices have led her to live in fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and London, sealing her unmistakable knack for mixing sartorial garments, local market finds and vintage. People would always compliment her chic style and would want to dress like her. They would admire her ability to put things together with a nonchalant elegance. Learn for yourself how she does just it!

You can find Francesca on her website, where she voices her thoughts in a more intimate and personal manner, and find the book on

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