Opening Night Launch of Vitri Foundation for the Americas

Jose Arenas of Vitri Corp. teamed up with local art collectors and event partners to produce a two-week art exhibition at his company’s 5,000 square foot headquarters and showroom in Allapattah. Curated by Oscar Ascanio, who has curated shows for the Guggenheim Museum among others), museum-worthy art works graced the space, with the theme “Living with Art.” The space is designed to feel like a home environment with sculptures, mixed media, photography and paintings carefully arranged throughout. International artists shown include: Carlos Cruz Diez, Jorge Blanco, Hester, Anrika Rupp, Nanin, Carlos Cabeza, GianFranco Guerrieri, Milton Becerra, Muu Blanco and Kate Matthews among others. It all linked rather perfectly to the foundation’s mission and reach – which aims to create and build sustainable, economical and visually appealing residential structures for indigenous and impoverished areas throughout the Americas. It’s about creating beautiful environments for people accustomed to living in the slums. Over 125 art aficionados, socialites, reporters and bloggers, and city officials. Event partners included McKenzie Construction, American Institute of Architects (AIA) Allapattah NET, O. Ascanio Gallery, Aldridge and Petal Production. The event was co-produced and hosted by Alban Communications.

Photos by WorldRedEye

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