Brazilian Voices

Mission Statement

Brazilian Voices stimulates social change nurturing multicultural exchange, musical appreciation, and education. Additionally, endeavors Brazilian Voices participants to preserve cultural identity, increase self-esteem, and have a more effective and positive contribution to the local community through their Cultural, Educational and Philanthropic activities.<br><br>Brazilian Voices has four permanent and simultaneous programs which are: Brazilian Voices Concerts & Performances – dynamic and unique repertoire with mix of voices performed in concerts, Brazilian Voices Cultural and Educational Program – educating children and adults about Brazil and its culture, language, geography and modernity at museums and schools; Brazilian Voices Arts and Healing Program – singing to patients and their families at hospitals and nursing homes, the voices promote well-being through the healing power of music; and Brazilian Voices Kids – teaching children from diverse communities ranging from 5 to 15, practicing Brazilian songs, a learning process through music. All programs are organized, developed, and maintained by volunteers.<br><br>Brazilian Voices hosts auditions twice a year to bring in new members to the group. As a non-profit organization, the group relies almost solely on sponsorships. Members are not compensated, and all profits revert to the Research and Development of new projects and programs. For additional information, such as donations, sponsorships, auditions, details on any of the programs, booking concerts, advertising, please send an email to:

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Contact Name Catherine Araujo Contact Phone 954-937-2455