Centro Mater Foundation

Mission Statement

The Centro Mater Foundation is a South Florida based institution that aims to support the efforts and missions of Centro Mater Child Care Services Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization – that celebrated its 45th Anniversary in 2013 — focused on aiding economically disadvantaged families by providing child care, education and nutrition services, as well as afterschool and summer programs, in an effort to help youths prosper and their parents and/or guardians become financially independent. The Centro Mater Foundation helps to provide for the child care organization’s summer programs, which endeavor to keep at-risk youths focused and progressive during months of reduced stimulation, and supports the maintenance of all centers. For additional information, please visit www.CentroMater.com.

Website http://centromater.com/en/ Address418 S.W. 4th Avenue,
Downtown Miami,  FL 33130
Contact Name Marbelys de la Osa, Communication Coordinator Contact Phone 305-545-6049

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