D & G Art Design Gallery

Mission Statement

D&G Art Design Gallery emerges from a fusion of expertise in the world of design and art. Moreover, its art department known as D&G Fine Art will be responsible for presenting varied art exhibitions every month as part of the Wynwood Gallery Nights. Well established European, American, and Latin American Contemporary artists, as well as the “Great Masters” works will be showcased in this very exclusive gallery located in the famous Wynwood Art District of Miami. Founders Erik Don and Oswaldo Agudelo combined their many years of expertise in their respective industries to offer this innovative concept to the trade. All of D&G Fine Art artists are widely known and recognized for their successful careers and promising futures. Many of them have already entered the very exclusive world of auction houses such as Sotheby’s.<br> <br> View D&G’s <a href=”http://www.socialmiami.com/tv/Breakfast-Bigi.asp”> Stefano Bigi Sunrise Bubbles Breakfast</a> video.<br> <br> View D&G’s <a href=”http://www.socialmiami.com/tv/Sunset-Art-Culture.asp”> Oswaldo Agudelo Art Basel video</a>.<br> <br> Read about <a href=”http://www.socialmiami.com/articles/GLOBOS-by-Stefano-Bigi.asp”> GLOBOS by Stefano Bigi</a> available at D&G Art and Design Gallery.

Website http://www.dgartdesigngallery.com Address540 NW 28th Street
Miami,  FL 33127
Contact Name Erik Don Contact Phone 305-438-9798