Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba

Mission Statement

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (“FHRC”) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1992 to promote a nonviolent transition to a free and democratic Cuba with zero tolerance for human rights violations. FHRC seeks to empower human rights defenders and activists who are working for change in Cuba through nonviolent means. Some of these individuals include prisoners of conscience and their families, independent journalists and bloggers, cultural activists, as well as members of independent unions and marginalized sectors. FHRC also maintains initiatives outside of Cuba to promote efforts by Cuban Civil Society within the Island, including fundraising campaigns and raising awareness about conditions on the Island. FHRC feels a profound responsibility to support and empower Cuban Civil Society in its efforts to nonviolently transition to a free and democratic Cuba that has zero tolerance for violations of human rights.

Website Address1312 S.W. 27th Avenue 3rd Floor
Miami,  FL 33145
Contact Name Jose Luis Martinez, Ext. 22 Contact Phone 305-390-2786
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Photo Galleries

A Night of “One Community,” Noche Tropical’s Tropicana 2020

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